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Alfa 33 907 Series Koni Inserts Front Shock Absorbers (Yellow)

310.00€ VAT excl.
384.40€ VAT incl.

Alfa 33 yellow Koni front shock absorbers. These are the best shock absorbers solution/upgrade now available for the early 907 33s. These shocks are inserts to the OEM BOGE strut (4 nut shock tower assembly) and their big advantage is being adjustable for their hardness/softness. The kit comes complete with detailed instructions of dismantling the BOGE strut and fitting the insert along with locking nuts etc.

Sold in pairs

Suitable for the 907 series (1990 - 1992) Alfa 33 models which feature the 4 nut shock tower assembly. (BOGE OEM shock absorbers)

  • Model:86-2303SP

What our customers say...

The shock absorbers have to be inserted into the original boge dampers. This instalation is no big problem since the attached instruction is no riddle! ;-) Just watch out to drill the hole at the bottom as close into the middle as possible and let the knurl on top press itself into the boge housing when tightening the bottom screw. I have adjusted the hardness about 1/4 of its full adjustment range and am very happy with the upgrade that this is giving to the handling of the car.

Rated by Manfred Walch
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