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Alfa 33/Alfasud/Sprint Front Suspension Bush (Rear Facing Control Arm)

12.00€ VAT excl.
14.88€ VAT incl.

Alfa 33/Alfasud/Sprint front suspension bush. This is the suspension bush fitted on the rear facing control arm of the front suspension which mounts on the chassis bracket.

In order to replace this type of bushes of the front suspension, two (2) pieces are needed.

OEM part number reference is 60501755 or 531050 in older Alfa Romeo numbering system.

Sold per item.

Specifications measured with a digital caliper: Outer/external Height :34mm, ID:11,7mm, OD: 42,7mm, Inner Height (steel tube):53mm

Suitable for all Alfa 33/Alfasud/Sprint models from 1972-1994.

You may contact us for more details.

  • Model:60501755

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