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2 x Alfa 147 Rear Left Fixed Caliper
1 x Alfa 147/156/GT Air Conditioning Pipe System Clip
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/156/GT Front Brake Pads
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/GTV/Spider Left Side Repeater (Wing Repeater)
2 x Alfa 33/Alfasud/Sprint Twin Carburetor Engines Oil Vapor Hoses Plastic Union
1 x Alfasud/Sprint/Alfa 33 Gear Lever Selector Rod Bush & Circlip Kit
1 x Alfa 147 Facelift Front Left Fog Light
1 x Alfa 147 GTA LHD/1.6, 1.8, 2.0 TS RHD/GT 1.8 TS RHD Brake Fluid Tank
1 x Alfa 147/156/GT Pollen Cabin Filter Securing Plastic Bracket
1 x Alfa 147, Lancia Lybra Rear Brake Pads
2 x Alfa 147/156 (4 Cylinder Gasoline/Diesel Engines) Disk Brake Protector/Shield - Right Side
1 x Alfa 147/156/GT Pollen Cabin Filter for Dual Zone Climate Control (Bosch)
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/156/166/GT/GTV/Spider 1.6/1.8/2.0 TS Air Conditioning Compressor
1 x Alfa 156/GTV/Spider Glove Box Light
1 x Alfa GTV/Spider 916 Series Front Right Headlight (1995-2006)
1 x Alfa 147/GT Air Conditioning Filter/Dryer
1 x Alfa GTV/Spider 916 Series Front Left Headlight (1995-2006)
1 x Alfa 147/156/GT/GTV/Spider Air Conditioning Frost Sensor
1 x Alfa 147/GT 1.6/1.8/2.0 TS Heater Hoses Set
1 x Alfa 147/156 (4 Cylinder Gasoline/Diesel Engines) Disk Brake Protector/Shield - Left Side
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer/Alfa 155 Power Windows ECU
1 x Alfa GTV/Spider (2.0 TS, 3.0/3.2 V6 models) 916 Series Front Suspension Bump Stop
2 x Alfa 145/146/147/155/156 Door Card Push Pin
1 x Alfa 75 (4 Cylinder) Front Right Wheel Arch
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/GT Front/Rear Door Upper/Lower Hinge Screw
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/155/156/166/GT/GTV/Spider Twin Spark Engines Spark Plug Boot (Main Spark Plug)
1 x Alfa 147 1.6 TS Left Wheelarch Plastic Liner Top Cover
1 x Alfa 147 (2000-2006 models) Boot Stop
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/156 Firewall Upper Panel
1 x Alfa 147 Boot/Trunk Struts Set
1 x Alfa 75/Milano Cigarette Lighter Socket
1 x Alfa 147 Engine Plastic Cover/Grille Left Bracket
1 x Alfa 147/156/164/166/GT/GTV/Spider V6 Engines Ignition Coil
1 x Alfa 147 Engine Plastic Cover/Grille
1 x Alfa 164/GTV/Spider 916 Series 2.0 TB V6 Cylinder 2 Spark Plug Plastic Cap
1 x Alfa 147/156/GT/164/166/GTV/Spider V6 Engines Spark Plug Set
1 x Alfa 145/146/156 Windscreen Wiper Grille Plastic Pin
1 x Alfa 155/164/GTV/Spider 2.0 TB V6/3.0 V6 12V Intake Runners Sleeve
1 x Alfa 147 All Models Boot Locking Mechanism
1 x Alfa 147 All Models Boot Seal
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/164/164 Q4/GTV/Spider Front Wheel Bearing
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/GTV/Spider Rear Brake Pads (Brembo)
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/156/166/GT/GTV/Spider Gearbox Selector Rubber Boot
1 x Alfa GTV 3.0 V6 24V Brake Servo Vacuum Pipe (LHD/1995-1998 Models)
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/Spider/GTV Brake Pedal Protection Box (RHD)
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/GTV/Spider Front Brake Hoses Set
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/156/164/GTV/Spider Throttle Position Sensor
1 x Alfa 145/146, 155, 156, 166, Spider, GTV Alternator Rear Cover with Voltage Regulator
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/156/GTV/Spider RPM Sensor/Flywheel/Crankshaft Position Sensor
1 x Alfa 164/GTV/Spider 2.0 TB V6/3.0 V6 24V Clutch Kit
1 x Alfa 147/156/GT/166/Spider/GTV Brake Hose Retaining Spring
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/156/164/166/GTV/Spider Ping/Knock Sensor
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/155/Spider/GTV Inner CV Joint Boots/Bellows Set
1 x Alfa 145/146 1.4-1.6-1.8 TS/GTV/Spider 1.8-2.0 TS Power Assisted Steering High Pressure Hose (Pump to Steering Rack)
1 x Alfa 145/146/155 Headlight Washer Pump/GTV '98 Windscreen Fluid Pump
1 x Alfa 164 3.0 V6 12V/GTV/Spider 2.0 TB/3.0 V6 12V Clutch Kit
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/155/Spider/GTV Outer CV Joint Boots/Bellows Set
1 x Alfa 145/146 TS (post 1997 models)/Spider 916 Series (1995-1998) 2.0 TS Front Wheel Bearing Set
1 x Alfa 145/146, 166, GTV Electric Sunroof Relay
1 x Alfa 145/146/GTV/Spider TS/JTD/V6 Engines Clutch Master Cylinder (LHD)
2 x Alfa 145/146/147/156/166/166/GT/GTV/Spider Ping/Knock Sensor
1 x Alfa 145/146/164/166/GTV/Spider Wiring Loom Clip (45 X 28)
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/155/156/164 Outer CV Joint Boots/Bellows Set
1 x Alfa 145/146/164/166/GTV/Spider Wiring Loom Cable Tie
1 x Alfa 164 3.0 V6 12V/GTV/Spider 2.0 TB/3.0 V6 12V Clutch Kit (Remanufactured)
1 x Alfa 147/156/GT/164/GTV/Spider Front Disk Brakes
1 x Alfa 145/146/GTV/Spider Rear Fog Lights Relay
1 x Alfa 145/146/155 Sway Bar Rubber Bush Set 23 mm (Internal Side)
2 x Alfa 33 Rear Suspension Upper Right Arm (907 Series)
2 x Alfa 33 905 Series/Alfasud Gearbox Speed Selector Fork Rod (5th/Reverse Gear)
2 x Accessories Belt Fixed Tensioner/Pulley for 1.6/1.8 TS Engines
1 x Alfa 33 1984 - 1989 Windscreen Wiper Stalk
1 x 2.0 Twin Spark Engines Countebalance Shaft Pulley Cover
1 x Alfa Romeo Color Stick/Touchup 296/A
1 x Alfa 145 2.0 TS/155 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 TS Exhaust (Middle Part)
1 x Alfa Romeo Decal "Pulley and Belt Running"
1 x Alfa 145 (1997-2000) Center High Mount Stop Light
1 x Alfa 145/146 1.4 TS GAMMA '97 Timing Belt Cover
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Gear Lever Selector Plastic Washer Set
1 x Alfa MiTo/Fiat Grande Punto/Abarth Punto Rear Brake Hose
1 x Alfa 145 Front Seats Back Fabric
1 x Alfa 147 Luggage Compartment Net Set (On Rear Seats)
1 x Alfa 159/Brera/Spider 3.2 V6 Timing Chain Tensioner
1 x Alfa 33 905/907 Series Rear Shock Absorbers Set
1 x Alfa 145 Left Front Seat Belt with Pretensioner
1 x Accessories Belt Tensioner for TS and JTS Engines
1 x Alfa 33/Alfasud/Sprint/145/146 Gearbox Speed/Gear Sleeves (Second Hand)
1 x Alfa 145 Rear Left Loudspeaker Cover
1 x Alfa 145/146 1.6 IE Boxer/Alfa 75/164/155 2.0 TS Piston Rings at 84 mm (Standard Size)
1 x Alfa 145 Front Door/Alfa 146 Front/Rear Door Loudspeaker Cover
1 x Alfa 159/Brera/Spider 3.2 V6 Front Disk Brakes Set (Vented Disks)
1 x Alfa 33 1988 - 1994 TD Cooling Fans Relay
1 x Alfa Romeo Decal "Use Exclusively Original Spares"
1 x Alfa 159/Brera/Spider 1.9/2.2 Front Brake Pads (Single Piston Caliper)
1 x Alfa 33 1.4 IE Air Temperature Sensor (Magnetti Marelli IAW Engine Management System)
1 x Alfa 33 907 Series Fusebox Cover
1 x Alfa 33 Rear Suspension Upper Left Arm (907 Series)
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Alternator Union to Heater "T" Section Cooling Hose
1 x Alfa 159/Brera/Spider Clutch Kit
1 x 1.6 Twin Spark Engines Crankshaft Bearings (+ 0.25 mm Oversize)
1 x Alfa 145/146 1.6 IE Boxer/Alfa 75/164/155 2.0 TS Piston Rings at 84 mm (Standard Size)
1 x Alfa 145 Boxer Rear Hatch Upper Cover
1 x Alfa Romeo Decal "Air Conditioner Tubing"
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/156/GTV/Spider Front Brake Pads Set
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/155/156/GT/GTV/Spider Stabilizer Engine Mount (Gearbox Side)
1 x Alfa 145/146 1930 TD/Alfa 155 Q4 TB/Alfa 164 2.0 TB Crankshaft Rear Main Seal
1 x Alfa 33 1990 - 1994 Indicator/Wiper Stalks (With Rear Window Wiper)
1 x Alfa 159/Brera/Spider Clutch Master Cylinder (RHD)
2 x Alfa 145 & 146 1.4 TS/147 1.6 TS 105 HP Intake Manifold Gasket
1 x Alfa 147 1.6 120 HP Instrument Cluster (with ASR)
1 x Alfa 145 Boxer Door Card - Left Door
1 x Alfa Romeo Headight Decal "1%"
1 x Alfa 147 Front Left Headlight (2000-2005 models)
1 x Alfa 33 1984 - 1989 Windscreen Washer Fluid Level Sensor
1 x Alfa Romeo Decal "Recommended Fluids & Lubricants"
1 x Alfa 145/146 All Models Relays Mounting Bracket (Passenger Compartment)
1 x Alfa 33 905 Series 1.7 IE/907 Series 1.4/1.5/1.7 IE Engine Control Unit
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer 1.7 16V Camshaft Position Sensor
1 x Alfa 145/146 (post 1997 models) Console Switches Bulb with Holder
Alfa 147 1.6 120 HP Instrument Cluster (with ASR)
Alfa 147 1.6 120 HP Instrument Cluster (with ASR)
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789.00€ (ex VAT)

742.76€ (inc VAT)
599.00€ (ex VAT)