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Deutsche Post offers regular mailing services at affordable prices with good delivery time frame.

DHL Express offers super fast delivery and a higher price. All shipping methods include a trackable parcel.

You may find the available shipping solutions after the selection of the products you choose. A list of the available shipping solutions will be shown and you may select the one that best fits your needs.

If any item on your order is out of stock we will contact you and advise you of the expected delay. You will be given the option to wait for the item to be delivered or to cancel your order for that item.

Disclaimer: Alfa Restoration Online Shop prepares each shipment by taking care to protect the contents of the parcel with the best way possible by using strong and durable carton boxes with bubble wrap and protection materials. In case the shipment arrives at the recipient with visible damage caused by improper handing, we carry no responsibility on this case. Courier Services might only cover the shipping cost upon further investigation from their side.

As far as electric or electronic parts, no warranty or returns are provided. Electric or electronic parts are delicate and sensitive devices which can be easily compromised upon installation on the vehicle; in case the "new" electric/electronic part has not solved the problem on the vehicle, no returns are accepted as the electric/electronic part is then considered to be a second hand part. If by any case, the "new" electric/electronic part installed on the vehicle is suspected to be DOA (Dead On Arrival), the shop which did the installation has to be a certified FIAT/Alfa Romeo/Lancia dealership and only then can be sent back to Alfa Romeo/FIAT technical inspection services in order to be checked for truly being DOA; Alfa Romeo/Fiat carries the sole responsibility to approve replacement of the DOA electric/electronic part.

Product returns are accepted within seven (7) days after proven delivery of the shipment (verified from the tracking information). The buyer should contact Alfa Restoration Online Shop prior the return shipment in order to verify the reason for the return and whether the return conditions are met. The items should be inside the original packaging, there should be no visible traces of installation attempts or wear and the return shipment costs should be covered by the buyer. Any traces on the item indicating that it has been installed on the vehicle render the item as used and return will not be accepted. Once the item has been received by Alfa Restoration Online Shop, it will be thoroughly inspected and have the refund process started.

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1 x Alfa 164 FL92/Super Steering Column Cover (Upper Part)
1 x Alfa 145 TS/146 TS/155 Door/Ignition Lock Set with Keys
1 x Alfa 164 Dashboard/Windscreen Air Vents
1 x Alfa 164 Armrest Support Bracket
1 x Alfa 145 Front Wheels Mud Flaps Set
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/164 Rearview Mirror/Front Fog Light Switch Plug
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/156/166 Sunroof Emergency Key
2 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Left Door Rearview Mirror Glass (RHD)
1 x Alfa 145 1997-1999 Right Door Rearview Mirror (LHD Vehicles/Automatic AC/Ground Black)
1 x Alfa 145 All Models Rear Right Window Seal
1 x Alfa 145 Boxer Left "C" Pillar Sticker/Adhesive
1 x Alfa 145 All Models Roof Drain Seal Right Side
1 x Alfa 145/146 All Models Rear Wheel Arch Lip Rubber Seal
1 x Alfa 164 Door Card (Lower Part with Pocket)- Left Front Door
1 x Alfa 164 All Models Bonnet/Hood Release Lever
1 x Alfa 147 BOSE Cover/Carpet Plastic Plug/Button
1 x Alfa 164 FL92/Super/USA MY 95 Glovebox Lid Pull Handle
1 x Alfa 164 FL92/Super Steering Column Cover (Lower Part)
1 x Alfa 145 Right Door Rearview Mirror (LHD Vehicles/Electric Heated/Folding)
1 x Alfa 145 All Models Rear Left Window Seal
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/156 TS Alternator (Original/Remanufactured)
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/156/147/166/GT/GTV/Spider Counterbalance Belt & Tensioner Kit (2.0 Twin Spark Engines)
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Gearbox Rear Cover Lower Bracket
1 x Alfa 145/146 1.6/1.8/2.0 Twin Spark Lower Radiator Hose
1 x Alfa 145/146, 166, GTV Electric Sunroof Relay
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/156 Windscreen Washer Fluid Pump
1 x Alfa 147 1.6 120 HP Instrument Cluster (with ASR)
2 x Alfa 145/146, 155, 156, 166, Spider, GTV Alternator Rear Cover with Voltage Regulator
1 x Alfa 145/146 1.4/1.6 TS Alloy Wheel Bolt
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Gear Lever Selector Spacer
1 x Alfa 147 Series 1 Headlight Set (Right and Left Side/LHD models)
2 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Front Suspension Sway Bar
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer 1.7 16V Lower Radiator Hose (Original)
2 x Alfa 145/146 Coolant Expansion Tank Plastic Spacer
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer 1.7 16V Lower Radiator Hose
1 x Alfa 147 1.6/2.0 TS Fuel Pump (Bosch)
1 x Alfa 145 Front Seats Back Fabric
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer (1.4/1.6/1.7 16V) Upper Radiator Hose
1 x Alfa 145 Boxer Rear Hatch Upper Cover
1 x Alfa 147 Series 1 Rear Left Outer Light
1 x Alfa 147/156/166/GT Xenon Headlights Bulb
2 x Alfa 145/146/147/156/166/166/GT/GTV/Spider Ping/Knock Sensor
1 x Alfa 145 Left Front Seat Belt with Pretensioner
1 x Alfa 156 All Models Rear Left Light
1 x Alfa 145 Boxer Door Card - Left Door
1 x Alfa 145 Rear Right Loudspeaker Cover
1 x Alfa 145/146 1.6 IE Boxer/Alfa 75/164/155 2.0 TS Piston Rings at 84 mm (Standard Size)
2 x Alfa 147 Series 1 Rear Left Light (Inner on Boot Lid/LHD)
1 x Alfa 145/146/156/166/GTV/Spider MAF/Mass Air Flow Sensor
1 x Alfa 147 Front Right Repeater (2000-2004)
1 x Alfa 145/146 1.4-1.6-1.8 TS/GTV/Spider 1.8-2.0 TS Power Assisted Steering High Pressure Hose (Pump to Steering Rack)
1 x Alfa 147 1.6 TS 105HP Catalytic Converter
1 x Alfa 145/146/156/147 Oil Breather Valve
2 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer/155 Lower Clutch Hose (Akron)
2 x Alfa Romeo Decal "Unleaded Fuel 95 R.O.N."
1 x Alfa 145/146 Exhaust Middlebox Clamp
1 x Alfa Romeo Decal "Use Exclusively Original Spares"
2 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Cooling Hoses Plastic Union (Three Ports of 16 mm OD)
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/155/156/164/166 Radiator Fan Motor Thermal Resistor
2 x Alfa 145/146/155 Rear Brakes Bias Valve/Regulator
1 x Alfa Romeo Decal "Air Conditioner Tubing"
1 x Alfa 145/146 Gamma 97 Air Conditioning Frost Sensor (1997-1999 Models)
1 x Alfa Romeo Headight Decal "1%"
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/156/GT Front Brake Pads
1 x Alfa Romeo Decal "Recommended Fluids & Lubricants"
1 x Alfa Romeo Emblem (Scudetto Grille and Boot Badge)
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/156/147/166/GT/GTV/Spider Upper Engine Mount Bush (Bush on Engine)
1 x Alfa Romeo Decal "Hot Surfaces-Do Not Expose To Open Flames-Corrosive Liquids"
1 x Alfa 147 1.6/2.0 TS Radiator (BEHR/Hella Service)
1 x Alfa 145/146/155 Sway Bar Rubber Bush Set 23 mm (Internal Side)
1 x Alfa 145/146/155 Sunroof Cable (Right Side)
1 x Alfa 147/156/GT Air Conditioning Pipe System Clip (Upper Part)
1 x Alfa Romeo OEM/Romablok Hose Clamp (19-21.5 mm)
1 x Alfa 155/MiTo/Fiat/Lancia Various Applications Circular Clip (ID: 14 mm)
1 x Alfa Romeo Decal "Radiator fan Running"
2 x Alfa 145/146/155/156/GT/GTV/Spider/Lancia Lybra Exhaust Header/Pipe Clamp
1 x Alfa 145/146/155 Sway Bar Rubber Bush Set 23 mm (Internal Side)
1 x Alfa Romeo Color Stick/Touchup 296/A
1 x Alfa Romeo Decal "Pulley and Belt Running"
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/155/156/164/166 Radiator Fan Motor Thermal Resistor (Original)
2 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Coolant Expansion Tank to Heater "T" Section Cooling Hose
1 x Alfa 145/146, 155, 166 Electrical Connections Junction Box Spade
1 x Alfa 147 1.6/2.0 TS/Alfa GT 1.8 TS Air Filter & Oil Filter Service Kit
1 x Alfa 147 Series 1 Rear Right Outer Light
1 x Alfa 147 Facelift Front Left Fog Light
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/156/GTV/Spider RPM Sensor/Flywheel/Crankshaft Position Sensor
3 x Alfa 145/146/155/156/164/166/GTV/Spider Ping/Knock Sensor
2 x Alfa 145 Front Seats Reclining Knob
2 x Alfa 145/146/147/156/GT/MiTo/Giulietta Maxi Fuse 30A
2 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Gear Lever Selector Plastic Washer Set
2 x Alfa 147 Front Left Repeater (2000-2004)
2 x Alfa 145/146/156 Fuel Vapor Charcoal Canister
2 x Alfa 147 Facelift Front Right Fog Light
2 x Alfa 147 Facelift Front Right Headlight (2005-2010)
2 x Alfa 145/146 1.6/1.8/2.0 TS RHD Power Assisted Steering High Pressure Hose (Pump to Steering Rack)
1 x Alfa 145/146 2.0 TS Rear Shock Absorbers Set (Original)
1 x Alfa 147 1.6 TS 105HP Exhaust Manifold/Catalyst Toroid Gasket
1 x Alfa 145 Rear Window Pull Handle Pin
1 x Alfa 145 Rear Left Loudspeaker Cover
1 x Alfa 145 Boxer Door Card - Left Door
2 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Front Left Stub Axle
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Gear Lever Cables Set
1 x Alfa 145 1.3 IE & 1.9 TD/146 8V/16V Boxer Front Right Door Locking Mechanism
1 x Alfa 145 Front Door/Alfa 146 Front/Rear Door Loudspeaker Cover
2 x Alfa 145/146/155/156/164/GTV/Spider Throttle Position Sensor
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Radiator Fan Switch (with A/C)
1 x Alfa 147 Series 1 Rear Right Inner Light (LHD)
1 x Alfa 33 "Alfa 33 Quadrifoglio Oro/Golden Cloverleaf" Boot Badge
1 x Alfa 33 905 Series/Alfasud 1.3/1.5 Ducellier Distributor Rotor
1 x Alfa 33 905 Series 1.5 Intake Valve
1 x Alfa 156 Series 1 Sunroof Seal
1 x Alfa 33 905 Series/Alfasud Gearbox Speed Selector Fork Rod (5th/Reverse Gear)
1 x Alfa 147/GT All Models Front Suspension Top Mount
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/156/166/GT/GTV/Spider 1.6/1.8/2.0 TS Air Conditioning Compressor
1 x 2.0 Twin Spark Engines Countebalance Shaft Pulley Cover
1 x Alfa 33 Gearbox Speed/Gear Synchronizer Ring (Second-Hand)
1 x Alfa 33 905 Series/Alfasud/Sprint Cooling Hoses Set
1 x Alfa 33 905 Series (1984-1988) Rear Wheel Brake Drum Shoes (228 mm drum)
1 x Alfa 147 Luggage Compartment Net Set (On Rear Seats)
1 x Alfa 33 907 Series Fusebox Cover
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Alternator Union to Heater "T" Section Cooling Hose
1 x Alfa 147/GT All Models Rear Suspension Top Mount
1 x Alfa 33 Rear Suspension Upper Right Arm (907 Series)
1 x Alfa 33 905 Series 4X4 Models CIFAM Brakes Master Cylinder (ID 20.6 mm/4 ports with copper union)
1 x Alfa Romeo/Fiat/Lancia Brake Line Plastic Clip (2-Way)
1 x Alfa 33 905 Series Amber Front Right Turn Indicator
1 x Alfa 33 905 Series Clear Rear Left Light
1 x Alfa 33 (P4 & 4x4 models)/Alfa 75/Alfetta/Giulietta (4 Cylinder Engines) Prop Shaft Rubber Mount
1 x Alfa 33 905 Series Clear Front Left Turn Indicator
1 x Alfa 33 905 Series/Alfasud/Sprint Heater Unit Fresh Air Intake Frame
1 x Alfa 33 905 Series/Alfasud/Sprint Heater Unit Fresh Air Intake Sleeve
1 x Alfa 145 2.0 TS/155 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 TS Exhaust (Middle Part)
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer AC Compressor Pulley
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/155/156/166/GT/GTV/Spider Intake Manifold Rubber Sleeve
2 x Alfa 145/146/147/155/156/166/GTV/Spider Twin Spark 16V Engines Front Cover Gasket
1 x Alfa 33/145/146 1.7 16V Spark Plugs Set (NGK Platinum)
Alfa 147/156 Front Shock Absorbers Set (OEM)
Alfa 147/156 Front Shock Absorbers Set (OEM)
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