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Alfa 33 4X4 Models/Alfasud/Sprint Akron/MALO Brakes Master Cylinder (ID 20.6 mm/4 ports with 2 X Vertical & 2 X Horizontal Ports)

86.80€ INC VAT

70.00€ EXC VAT

Alfa 33 4X4/Alfasud/Sprint Akron/MALO brakes master cylinder (ID 20.6 mm). This master cylinder features two horizontal steel brake line ports and two vertical brake line ports on the bottom part of the master cylinder.

The master cylinder is supplied with two blanking bolts which makes it practically compatible with all types and variants of Alfa 33/Alfasud models as either of the four ports can be blanked. In addition, provision for different types of brake fluid tanks is provided by supplying two different ID tank seals.

OEM part number reference is 60750112 or Akron/MALO part number 89046.

Suitable for Alfa 33 4X4 models and Alfasud/Sprint models.

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  • Model:60750112
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