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Alfa 33/155 Seat Belt Mounting Bolts Cover

Alfa 33/155 seat belt mounting bolt cover. This is the rubber cover found on the mounting bolts of the seat belt on the B pillar and seat frame. These covers usually get lost or crack due to aging leaving the bolt heads exposed.

OEM part number is 12797887 or 60807669.

Sold per item.

Suitable for a wide range of Alfa Romeo, FIAT and Lancia models including FIAT COUPE' GAMMA'96 (1996-2000), FIAT MILLE (1994-1995), FIAT MILLE CLIP (1995-1997), FIAT PANDA 4X2 MAQ 91 (1991-2003), FIAT PANDA 4X4 MAQ 91 (1991-2003), FIAT PUNTO CABRIO (1994-1997), FIAT PUNTO CABRIO GAMMA'97 (1997-2000), FIAT TEMPRA 1370-1580 (1989-1993), FIAT TEMPRA 1750-2000 (1989-1993), FIAT TEMPRA DIESEL-TURBO D.(1989-1993), FIAT TEMPRA MAQ.93 1370-1580 ('93-'96), FIAT TEMPRA MAQ.93 1750-2000 ('93-'96), FIAT TEMPRA MQ.93 D-TD (1993-1996), FIAT TIPO 1100-1370-1580 (1987-1993), FIAT TIPO 1750-2000 (1990-1993), FIAT TIPO MAQ.93 D-TD (1993-1995), FIAT TIPO MQ.93 1370-1580 (1993-1995), FIAT TIPO MQ.93 1750-2000 (1993-1995), FIAT UNO DIESEL R/89 (1989-1995), FIAT UNO MONDO (1995-2010), FIAT UNO R/89 1.1-1370-1.5 (1989-1995), FIAT UNO R/89 900-1.0-1.1 (1989-1995), FIAT UNO TURBO R/89 (1989-1993), ALFA ROMEO 155 ASPIRATO (1992-1996), ALFA ROMEO 155 TURBO BZ-DS (1992-1996), ALFA ROMEO 33 CARB./DS (1990-1994), ALFA ROMEO 33 I.E. 8/16 VALV. (1990-1994), LANCIA DEDRA BENZINA (1989-1994), LANCIA DEDRA IE.TB.INTEGRALE (1990-1994) , LANCIA DEDRA TURBO DIESEL (1989-1994), LANCIA DELTA 4WD (1986-1991), LANCIA DELTA EVOLUZIONE (1991-1994), LANCIA DELTA R.86 BZ/DS (1986-1992), LANCIA KAPPA DIESEL (1994-2001), LANCIA N.DELTA 1400-1600-1800(1993-1999), LANCIA N.DELTA 2.0 -1750 132CV ('93-'99), LANCIA N.DELTA TB/DS (1994-1999), LANCIA THEMA 3.0 V6 FL.92 (1992-1994), LANCIA THEMA BZ/DS R.88 (1988-1992), LANCIA THEMA I.E. 8V FL.92 (1992-1994), LANCIA THEMA IE. 16V FL.92 (1992-1994), LANCIA THEMA TURBO DS FL.92 (1992-1994), FIAT PROFESSIONAL DUCATO 4X4 R.90 (1990-1994), FIAT PROFESSIONAL FIORINO RL (1993-2000), FIAT PROFESSIONAL NUOVO DUCATO BZ R.90 (1990-1994), FIAT PROFESSIONAL NUOVO DUCATO DS.R.90 (1990-1994), FIAT PROFESSIONAL TALENTO R.90 (1990-1994).


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