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Alfa 33/Alfasud/Sprint Front Suspension Bush (Front Facing Control Arm)

Alfa 33/Alfasud/Sprint front suspension bush. This is the suspension bush fitted on the front facing control arm of the front suspension where it joins the control arm with the suspension cross member. This bush is also found on the front part of the rear facing control arm where the two control arm join together.

In order to replace this type of bushes of the front suspension, four (4) pieces are needed.

OEM part number reference is 60501394 or 115099 in older Alfa Romeo numbering system.

Sold per item.

Specifications measured with a digital caliper: Outer/external Height :35mm, ID:12mm, OD: 48,3mm, Inner Height (steel tube):47mm

Suitable for all Alfa 33/Alfasud/Sprint models from 1972-1994.

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1 x Alfa MiTo/Fiat 500/Panda/Nuova Punto Oil Filter (875 cc engines)
1 x Alfa 159/Brera/Spider 1.9/2.2 Air Filter
1 x Alfa 159 Chassis Rubber Plug 30 mm
1 x Alfa 145/146/155/156/147/164/166/GT/GTV/Spider/Mito Timing Window Rubber Plug
1 x Alfa 159/Brera/Spider 2.2 JTS Clutch Slave Cylinder
1 x Alfa 159/Brera/Spider 3.2 V6 Rear Brake Pads (Vented Disks)
1 x Alfa 145/146 1.6 IE Boxer/Alfa 75/164/155 2.0 TS Piston Rings at 84 mm (Standard Size)
1 x Alfa 159/Brera/Spider 3.2 V6 Rear Disk Brakes Set (Vented Disks)
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1 x Alfa 147/GT Brake/Clutch Pedals Shaft Bush
1 x Alfa 159/Brera/Spider 1.9/2.2 Rear Brake Pads
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1 x Alfa 155/MiTo/Fiat/Lancia Various Applications Circular Clip (ID: 14 mm)
1 x Alfa 159/Brera/Spider 1.8 TBi Stabilizer Engine Mount (Front Facing Side)
1 x Alfa 145/146 All Models Front Wheel Arch Liner/Wing Seal
1 x Alfa 145 All Models Door Seal Plastic Clip
2 x Alfa 145 Right Door Seal
2 x Alfa 145 Front Left Door Lower Seal
1 x Alfa 145/146 All Models Radiator Grille Scudetto Rubber Pad
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/155/156/166/GT/GTV/Spider Twin Spark Engines Spark Plug Boot (Main Spark Plug)
1 x Alfa 33 905 Series Boot/Trunk Locking Mechanism
2 x Alfa 147/156/166/GT Air Conditioning Filter/Dryer
1 x Alfa 145/146/147/155/156/166/GT/GTV/Spider Intake Manifold Gasket
1 x Alfa 145 All Models Rear Right Light
1 x Alfa 145/146/156/166/GTV/Spider MAF/Mass Air Flow Sensor
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Air Conditioning Low Pressure Hose (Compressor to Filter/Drier)
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Heater Hose (Inlet/On Engine Bay)
1 x Alfa 145/146 AC/Heater Plastic Union (Boxer and 1.4/1.6/1.8 TS models)
1 x Alfa 145/146 Boxer Air Conditioning High Pressure Hose (Compressor to Condenser)
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