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Alfa Romeo/Fiat/Lancia Card Code

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Alfa Romeo/Fiat/Lancia replacement card code. Each vehicle is supplied from factory with a card with the unique electronic codes that enable deep access to the engine ECU. With these codes the dealership can have access to functions like alarm programming and electronic key programming. Without these codes (lost card) there is always the danger to have an inaccessible vehicle in case the key is lost or becomes faulty.

By supplying us the necessary documents which prove ownership of the vehicle, we can contact the Alfa Romeo dealership and have new electronic codes issued. These codes are specific to the chassis number of the vehicle and they can be "uploaded" to the vehicle/existing keys using the official diagnostic of Alfa (A.K.A. Examiner).

The documents needed are the chassis number of the vehicle as found on the registration card, the owner's valid ID/passport/driving license and a proof of the owner's address.

OEM part number is 71751387.

This procedure applies to the following vehicles:

Alfa Romeo

Alfa GIULIETTA (2010-....),Alfa 147 BZ/DS (2000-2010), Alfa 156 M.Y.2002 BZ/DS (2001-2005), Alfa 159 (2005-2008), ALFA 159 (2008-2010), Alfa 159 MY11 (2010-....), Alfa GT (2003-2010), ALFA MITO (2008-....).


NUOVA 500 ABARTH (2008-....), GRANDE PUNTO ABARTH (2007-2010), PUNTO EVO ABARTH (2010-....),IDEA (2003-2008),IDEA (2008….),NUOVA 500 (2007-....),SEICENTO (1998-2010),NUOVA PANDA (2003-2009),PANDA MY 2009 (2009-2010),PANDA MY 2011 (2010-....),PUNTO BZ (1999-2003),PUNTO DS (1999-2003),PUNTO FL.'03 (2003-2010),GRANDE PUNTO (2005-2008),GRANDE PUNTO (2008-2009),PUNTO EVO (2009-....),GRANDE PUNTO ACTUAL (2009-....),NUOVA BRAVO (2007-2009),NUOVA BRAVO MY 2010 (2010-....),STILO BZ/DS (2001-2003),STILO F.L.L. 2003 (2003-2007),MULTIPLA (1998-2010),SIENA EXTRA EUROPA REST.(2002-..),LINEA (2007-....),CROMA (2005-2010),NUOVO ULYSSE (2001-2010),STRADA (1999-2005), STRADA REST. 2 (2005-....), DOBLO (2000-2004), DOBLO MY. 2004 (2004-2005), DOBLO REST. 2005 (2005-2009), N.DOBLO 2009 (2009-....), NUOVO DUCATO 2006 (2006-....),DUCATO RUSSIA 2008 (2008-....).


YPSILON (2003-2009),MUSA (2004-2007),YPSILON (2009-....),NUOVA DELTA 844 (2008-....),LYBRA BZ (1999-2005),LYBRA DS (1999-2005),THESIS (2001-2007),MUSA (2007-2011),MUSA FLL (2011-....),PHEDRA (2001-2010).

You may contact us for more details on the procedure.

  • Model:71751387

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