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Alfa 33 Cooling Hoses Plastic Union "T" (Two Ports of 16 mm OD & One Port of OD 8 mm)

8.50€ VAT excl.
10.54€ VAT incl.

Alfa 33 Cooling hoses plastic union in "T" shape. This is a three port plastic union with 2 X OD 16 mm ports and 1 X OD 8 mm port. This plastic union is a replacement of the respective metal union which was rusting away due to the electrolysis which occurs on the cooling system.

OEM part number is 7537065.

FIAT BRAVA BZ/DS (1995-1998), FIAT BRAVO BZ/DS (1995-1998), FIAT TEMPRA DIESEL-TURBO D.(1989-1993), FIAT TEMPRA MQ.93 D-TD (1993-1996), FIAT TIPO DIESEL-T.DS. (1987-1993), FIAT TIPO MAQ.93 D-TD (1993-1995), FIAT UNO R/89 900-1.0-1.1 (1989-1995), ALFA ROMEO 145 BZ/DS (1994-1996), ALFA ROMEO 146 BZ/DS (1995-1996), ALFA ROMEO 33 CARB./DS (1990-1994), ALFA ROMEO 33 ED.88(1988-1990), ALFA ROMEO 33 I.E. 8/16 VALV. (1990-1994), LANCIA DEDRA TURBO DIESEL (1989-1994), LANCIA Y10 FL.89 (1988-1992).

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  • Model:7537065

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