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Alfa 33 907 Series Heater Matrix (1990-1994 models)

75.00€ VAT excl.
93.00€ VAT incl.

Alfa 33 907 Series Heater Matrix (1990-1994 models). This is a brand new MAHLE heater matrix which is the best alternative for the Alfa 33 907 Series models. The Original and aftermarket heater matrices have long been out of production but we have managed to source the heater matrix which is very close to the original one. The work required to install the heater matrix is minimal and the only kind of modification needed is to have the heater box port openings enlarged by a couple of mm in order for the matrix ports to pass through.

Made by MAHLE with Original part number reference 60538689/60777631.

Suitable for ALFA ROMEO 33 CARB./DS (1990-1994), ALFA ROMEO 33 I.E. 8/16 VALV. (1990-1994)

You may contact us for more details.

  • Model:60538689/60777631
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