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Alfa 33 905 Series/Alfasud/Sprint Cooling Hoses Set (Single Carb)

135.00€ VAT excl.
167.40€ VAT incl.

Alfa 33 905 Series/Alfasud/Sprint cooling hoses set (Single Carb). This is a complete cooling hoses set which includes all necessary rubber parts to entirely renew the cooling system.

The set comprises of the following parts.

- Engine radiator upper and lower hoses

- Alternator union to thermostat hose

- Alternator union to heater left hose "T" connection

- Coolant expansion tank to heater left hose "T" connection

- Thermostat to heater right hose "T" connection

- Coolant expansion overflow hose (ID: 7mm)

- Coolant expansion tank to heater left hose

- Intake manifold to heater left hose "T" connection

- Heater left hose

- Plastic unions (2 pieces) with 3 X 16 mm ports and 2 X 16mm/1 X 8 mm ports each

Original part number references: 60503117/60502968/60503656/60502989/60502979/67099733/60777347/60503094/7537065

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  • Model:60503117/60502968/60503656/60502989/60502979/67099733/60777347/60503094/7537065
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