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Alfa 33/Sprint/164 Brake Line Plastic Clip (4 Lines)

5.00€ VAT excl.
6.20€ VAT incl.

Alfa 33/Sprint/164 brake line clip. This is the brake lines clip found on the engine firewall just below the brakes master cylinder. This clip has four (4) receptors to keep in place all four brake lines.

Sold per item with original part number 82393420/60809214.

Suitable for ALFA ROMEO 164 (1987-1992), ALFA ROMEO 164 FL/92 (1992-1997), ALFA ROMEO 164 SUPER (1992-1997), ALFA ROMEO 164 TURBO BZ.(1987-1992), ALFA ROMEO 164 U.S.A. MY.91/93 (1990-1992), ALFA ROMEO 164 USA MY.94-95 (1993-1995), ALFA ROMEO 33 CARB./DS (1990-1994), ALFA ROMEO 33 ED.88(1988-1990), ALFA ROMEO 33 I.E. 8/16 VALV. (1990-1994).

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  • Model:82393420/60809214
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