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Alfa 33/Alfasud/Sprint/SZ/RZ Front/Rear Door Catch/Striker Plate Bolt

2.00€ VAT excl.
2.48€ VAT incl.

Alfa 33/Alfasud/Sprint/SZ/RZ front/rear door catch/striker plate bolt. This is the hex bolt for the door catch as found on the B and C pillar.

OEM part number 14448021.

Sold per item.

Suitable for ALFASUD 1972-1984, ALFASUD SPRINT 1976-1989, ALFA ROMEO "R.Z." (1992-1993), ALFA ROMEO - "S.Z." (1989-1991), ALFA ROMEO 33 CARB./DS (1990-1994), ALFA ROMEO 33 ED.88(1988-1990), ALFA ROMEO 33 I.E. 8/16 VALV. (1990-1994)

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  • Model:14448021

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