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Alfa 33/75/Milano/SZ/RZ/155/164/Spider Oil Pressure Sensor

34.00€ VAT excl.
42.16€ VAT incl.

Alfa 33/75/Milano/SZ/RZ/155/164/Spider oil pressure sensor. This is oil pressure sensor responsible to drive the oil pressure gauge on the instrument cluster.

OEM part number 60506902 or 60750986 (replaced part number. Thread size M10 X 1 mm.

Compatible with the following models: ALFA ROMEO "R.Z." (1992-1993), ALFA ROMEO "S.Z." (1989-1991), ALFA ROMEO 155 ASPIRATO (1992-1996), ALFA ROMEO 164 FL/92 (1992-1997), ALFA ROMEO 164 SUPER (1992-1997), ALFA ROMEO 33 CARB./DS (1990-1994), ALFA ROMEO 33 ED.88(1988-1990), ALFA ROMEO 75 BZ 4 CILINDRI (1988-1992), ALFA ROMEO 75 BZ 6 CILINDRI E TD (1988-1992), ALFA ROMEO SPIDER EUROPA FL.90 (1990-1993), ALFA ROMEO SPIDER FL.USA MY.91-93(1990-1993)

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  • Model:60506902
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