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Alfa 164 2.0 TB V6/3.0 V6 12V/24V Air Conditioning Hose (Compressor to Condenser)

198.00€ VAT excl.
245.52€ VAT incl.

Alfa 164 2.0 TB V6/3.0 V6 12V/24V air conditioning (Compressor to Condenser) high pressure hose. This is the hose that runs from the compressor to the condenser.

OEM part number is 60590112/60590115.

Compatible with ALFA ROMEO 164 FL/92 3000 6V 12VAL, 3000 6V Q.V. 24VAL, 3000 6V Q.V. 24VAL GD, 3000 6V 12VAL BR, 3000 6V Q4 24VAL, 3000 6V Q4 24VAL CF2(1992-1997), ALFA ROMEO 164 SUPER 2000 TB V6, 3000 V6 24V, 3000 V6 12V, 3000 V6 12V(CEE-F2), 3000 V6 24V(CEE-F2), 3000 V6 24V BR, 3000 V6 24V 4X4 CF2 (1992-1997).

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  • Model:60590112/60590115
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