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Alfa 147/156/GT Clutch Hose/Pipe Repair Service

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Alfa 147/156/GT Clutch Hose/Pipe Repair Service.

This is a clutch hose repair service which gives a long lasting solution to the failing clutch hose on the Alfa 147/156/GT models. The clutch hose usually fails due to excessive heat and contact with metal components from the engine bay. The hose is professionally repaired using new and durable flexible hose and covered in heat resistant sleeve which provides excellent protection against the harsh engine bay conditions.

The failed hose should be shipped to us and the repairs lead time is just a couple of days. Please contact us for more information and details for the shipment and repair work procedures involved.

Original part number 55183282/46805870/55183285.

Suitable for Alfa 156/147/GT models.

You may contact us for more details.

  • Model:55183282/46805870/55183285
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