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Alfa 147/156 Front Shock Absorbers Set (OEM)

310.00€ VAT excl.
384.40€ VAT incl.
155.00€ VAT excl.
192.20€ VAT incl.

Alfa 147/156 front shock absorbers. This is a brand new old stock front shock absorbers set for Alfa 147/156 models

OEM part number 60671076 or 50515466.

Sold in pairs.

Suitable for Alfa 147/156 models including 1600 T.S. (AR32104), 1800 TS 16V, 2000 JTS 16V, 2000 TS 16V, 2000 JTS 16V BELGIUM, 2500 V6 24V, 1910 JTD 8V 115HP/85KW, 1910 JTD 16V CF3 93KW, 1910 JTD CF3 136HP/100KW DETUNED BELGIUM, 1910 JTD 16V CF4 150HP/110KW 4X2, 1910JTD CF4 16V 126HP/93KW DETUNED FRANCE, 1910JTD CF4 16V 136HP/100KW DETUNED BELGIUM, 2400 JTD 20V 175HP/129 KW MANUAL SHIFT, SW PROGRESSION MY.03, SW DISTINCTIVE MY.03, 2400 JTD CF3 163HP/120KW DETUNED BELGIUM, SW PROGRESSION MY.03, SW DISTINCTIVE MY.03 .

  • Model:60671076/50515466
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