Adjustable Steering Arms

Steering bars are out.
Note the moisture on the steering rack bellows. This is a bad sign of the steering rack leaking (steering rack was repaired in 2001)
Year 2020 Update: New steering rack installed. 
Undo the ball joint locking nut.
Remove ball joint. Make sure that the locking nut stays in place so that the distance remains the same.
Align the tow arms as shown on the photo. This way the total length will remain almost the same in relation to the old steering arm.
Don't worry being accurate as wheel wheel alignment will restore the correct steering geometry.
New steering arms rubber protection liners.
Worn out rubber liners.
Cracked from the inner side (engine bay side).
Restore the steering arms along with the relative metal plate. The torque applied to the bolts should be Torque 39 - 48 Nm.
Restore lock rings.
Install the securing pin and time to visit the wheel alignment shop.
The vehicle is placed on the alignment ramp, tyres are carefully inflated at 28 psi and alignment bars are attached to the rim lips on the left side.
Apostolos hard at work attaching the laser beam devices on the left side.
The same procedure is repeated on the right side. 
Not clearly seen on the photo is the PC monitor where the center of the steering radius is designated by a black mark on the upper yellow bar.
Measurements displayed on the monitor while adjustments are done to the geometry by Apostolos. The only adjustable part of the steering arm is the union which can extend or retract altering the alignment.
A very important task parameter of the wheel alignment procedure is to have the steering wheel locked to the center. Having the steering wheel on the center, the wheels will be adjusted to be straight while this is ensured by the readings on the PC monitor (remember the black mark on the yellow line).
When the black mark on the PC monitor is on the center, then fine tuning of the steering geometry can be achieved.
Also note the bar acting on the brake pedal ensuring that any possible movement of the car is avoided.