Ventilation Restoration (Alfa 33 905 Series)

Adjustable Steering Arms

This is the steering arms set just removed from the donor car.
A close up showing the steering arms bush side, the metal plate & the two bolts that affix the arms to the steering rack and the lock rings that ensure the bolts remain bolted down.
A detailed photo of the adjustable union.
Note the threaded part of the union; it is a reverse (left) thread meaning that the lock nut bolts in CCW (as opposed to right thread/CCW).
Detailed photo showing the steering arm bush and the 24 mm bolt. Both bushes will be replaced with new ones.
All necessary parts together.
Surface corrosion forming on the outer part of the steering arm. Corrosion is inevitable as the arm is constantly rubbing on the wheelarch rubber protective liners.
Use wire wheel to brush away the corrosion.
Corrosion removed. Be sure to avoid wire brushing solid paint.
Corrosion removed from both arms.
The hanging method is always the best approach for painting.
Black rattle can paint.
Paint has been applied. Allow a few hours to dry.
New rubber bushes.
A bearing puller and a socket will push the bush out.
This is a DIY trick when no hydraulic press is available. The puller pushes the bush while the steering arm is supported by a 36 mm wrench.
Bush is half-way out.
Use the screwdrive as a lever to help the bush out.
Bush is finally out.
Use the vice to press in the new bush. Be sure that the bush slides in straight and it would help to apply a few drops of soap to help installation.
The rubber bush is finally in. Do the same for the second steering arm.
These are the existing steering arms to be replaced. Locate the lock rings center and remove the securing pin.
Steering arms bolts to be removed. 
Remove the ball joint using the extractor.