Ventilation Restoration (Alfa 33 905 Series)

Regular Servicing

SELENIA engine oil 10W/40.
Tutela EPYX transmission oil 80W/90
Spark plugs (SPICA Golden Lodge 25HL), Original oil filter and Original air filter.
BOSCH fuel filter. Check the packaging includes two pairs of copper rings as these should be renewed whenever the fuel filter is replaced.
Warm up the engine to normal running temperature and then drain.
This is the engine oil drain plug (12 mm Allen key).
Allow oil drain for about 15 minutes.
Undo the air filter box sleeve clamp.
Undo the four clamps holding the air filter box cover.
Air filter element demonstrated.
Note the discoloration of the air filter showing that it has properly done its job to filter out particulates.
Proceed removing the oil filter.
Just a notice. When removing the oil filter, a certain amount of oil drops in the stabilizer engine mount. Unfortunately, this engine mount sits exactly under the oil filter.
Since oil is the worst enemy of rubber parts, it is common for these engine mount to perish due to oil contamination.
In order to prevent such phenomenon, a plastic cover has been installed on the bush so that any oil drips away from the rubber bush.
Use an oil filter wrench to undo the filter. In case an oil filter wrench is not availalble, then the old trick of piercing the oil filter with a screwdrive can do the job.
Do place rags below the oil filter or newspaper sheets to prevent oil spilling.
Prior installing the new oil filter, apply some drops to the oil filter seal. Hand tight the oil filter according to the instructions on the oil filter body.
New copper seal for the oil drain plug.
Install the new air filter element.
Tighten the air filter box sleeve clamp.
Get hold of a plastic water bottle to use it as a funnel.
This is a more convenient trick rather than a real funnel as the plastic water bottle can simply be discarded.
Hold the oil container as lower as possible to avoid spilling.
Pour the oil slowly and carefully. The Boxer 8V engine oil capacity is about 3.8 liters including oil filter capacity.
New spark plugs. Spark plugs should be installed when engine is cold (NEVER on a hot engine). Prior installation apply a drop of engine oil on the threads.
The spark plug cavity should be cleaned from dust using compressed air prior removing the spark plug.
Drive the spark plug carefully by hand and apply torque of 25-34 Nm. In case a torque spanner is not available, the When-It-Feels -Right doctrine is also applicable.
Finally restore the spark plug leads.