Air Conditioning (Alfa 33 907 Series)

AC/Heater Control Panel Repair

This is the control panel as taken out of the donor car. The facia will surely need a good cleaning.
This is the rear part of the control panel showing the micro switches and wiring connectors.
Broken side support bracket and an attempt to repair it!
Wiring harness connectors everywhere.
A detailed photo of the micro switches.
A/C on/off power connector (red)
Exploded view of the control panel showing all parts that comprise it.
Facia removed to gain access to the control panel internals.
Remove the knobs simply by pulling them. Unfortunately all three knobs had broken teeth; it is of minor importance since the knobs from the heater control panel will be used.
Remove the parts on the rear side of the control panel.
Undo the small screws found on the upper and lower part of the transparent cover.
This is a main elements description of the control panel.
You may now remove bulbs and it is good ideal to soak the control panel in hot water and soap for a thorough clean. 
Micro switches demonstrated.
Micro switches demonstrated.
A detailed photo of the micro switches
A detailed photo of the micro switches.
A detailed photo of second interior/exterior air mix switch along with its connector.
Interior/exterior air mix switch and its connector.