Air Conditioning (Alfa 33 907 Series)

AC Compressor Repair Assembly - (Valves & Head)

Valve plate and reed valve assembly all disassembled and thoroughly cleaned.
Valve plate and reed valves put together. Make sure that they are perfectly aligned.
Cylinder head after wire brushing.
Traces of the old head gasket thoroughly cleaned so that the new gasket makes a perfect seal.
The compressor port threads must be cleaned and checked for wear.
New gaskets for valve plate & cylinder head (orange color), large diameter black gasket for the front part and black small diameter O-rings for the oil plug.
Apply some drops of clean refrigerant oil to the gaskets. Notice the port protection caps on the left photo; it is wise to fit these caps to avoid foreign material entering the head internals.
Apply some drops of clean refrigerant oil to the valve assembly gasket too.
Then install the head bolts by applying 34.3 ± 4.9 Nm on the torque wrench 
Measure 8 Oz refrigerant oil per instruction manual.
Use a suitable funnel making sure that it is perfectly clean.
Pour slowly and carefully inside the compressor body chamber.
Once oil is filled, recover oil drain plug.
Be sure to use new O-ring found at the gasket repair kit.
This is the correct oil for use with R134a refrigerant.