Air Conditioning (Alfa 33 907 Series)

AC Compressor Repair - Assembly (front part)

Left to right: compressor body, piston shaft, piston assembly.
Insert pistons assembly into compressor body. This is a little tricky job which needs careful moves.
Once pistons are correctly inserted, the correct look should be like this.
Compressor front part (pulley side)
Compressor front part (interior side)
 Insert shaft into compressor front part . Be careful not to misplace the bearing.
Install new gasket on compressor body and apply some drops of clean refrigerant oil in the groove.
Tighten the screws gradually in cross order.
New shaft protective seal (left) and lip seal with O-ring (right).
 Be sure to dip both parts into clean ester oil.
First slide shaft protective seal and then lip seal.
Properly install lock ring to keep everything together.
Then the felt ring.
Put the electromagnetic coupling in place and secure it with the respective lock ring.
These washers practically adjust the air gap between pulley and pressure plate.
Tap the pulley with the rubber mallet so that it slides to the compressor housing.
The pulley is on its right position when there is enough room for the lock ring to sit inside the groove.
Measure the air gap between the pulley and pressure plate with the filler guage. It should be between 0.4 - 0.8 mm; if not, then proceed adding or removing washers as seen above.
Finally restore clutch wiring clamp.