Air Conditioning (Alfa 33 907 Series)

AC Compressor Bracket Installation

Standard coolant union found on non A/C equipped cars
AC compressor bracket/coolant union. It was removed as a complete unit from the donor car
AC coolant union from a different angle.
It may look tired and greasy but in a while it will return to its former glory.
Wire brushing does miracles!
Almost like new!
From a different angle.
Let's now install the bracket/coolant union. Drain coolant in a suitable container.
Proceed removing the alternator. Remove the securing bolts as shown in the photo, one per side.
Almost out.
Remove coolant hoses (lower radiator & thermostat hose) and undo the four screws securing bracket/union to engine block.
Also remove the alternator bracket - there are two screws on the front of the bracket.
Hoses are out of the way. Please note the corrosion (despite frequent coolant changes)
Traces of the old rectangular paper gasket on engine block.
Use a blade scrapper to clean up the area where the O-ring will sit upon. It is highly advisable to use alcohol or acetone as a final finish.
Here are the two brackets which secure the alternator on the left side. Notice their difference by featuring an extra end where compressor bracket is attached to.
Install the new alternator bracket and secure it with the two original screws.
non AC and AC spec unions demonstrated. That's quite a difference.
From a different angle.
Remove old O-ring.
Clean the mating surface using a blade scrapper.
Use new O-ring (Alfa Romeo part number 14464381) on the mating surface.
Place the bracket on engine block and tighten the screws in cross order.
It is advisable to use thread sealing teflon tape on the screws securing the bracket/union to the engine block