Air Conditioning (Alfa 33 907 Series)

AC donor Car

Here is the AC compressor and its bracket. Quite dirty and filthy as most of the engine bay...
AC compressor as seen from top.
AC hose to the left side condenser
AC hose/pipe passing below the left headlight frame
Left side condenser (or what was left out of it)
Right side condenser. Please note how tight the setup is.
Right side condenser survived from the accident (sort of) but the hoses didn't so; new hoses will be created from scratch.
Horns bracket. This is a very important element since the horns will be moved from the left side chassis rail to the front cross rail/subframe.
AC hose/pipes passing above the right side wheel arch towards the filter/dryer and evaporator
Plastic spacer making sure the PAS and AC hoses/pipes are firmly secured to the chassis.
Filter/dryer and Trinary pressure valve demonstrated.
AC evaporator overview. The two items that stand out are the heater valve and the Expansion Valve; both parts will be extensively described during the restoration
AC pipe passing between the evaporator case and firewall.
AC pipe/hose passing on the left of the evaporator
AC hose just too close to the brakes master cylinder and passing through the firewall opening.
AC hose running in parallel with the cooling system hose.
Photo documenting the wiring connectors. The most important parameter in here is the color coding of the wiring.
Heater/AC blower motor relay