Air Conditioning (Alfa 33 907 Series)

Evaporator, Condensers & Wiring Installation

Eliminate the designated plug.
This is where the evaporator wiring harness should pass through.
Install evaporator as carefully as possible first inserting the rear side of it and then let it sit making sure the mouting bolts align with the designated holes on the chassis.
Sitting in place.
Install heater pipes and refrigerant hose. This is a tight fit since the clearance between the evaporator and bulkhead is tight.
The other end of the hose should be installed on the "S" port of the compressor (Suction).
Notice the welded thread on the chassis and the welded bracket on the hose. This is a nice guide to keep things straight.
You may now install refrigerant pipes on the expansion valve. Be sure to use O-rings and lubricate them with refrigerant oil prior installation.
Install the Alfa Romeo specific nuts to mount the filter/dryer bracket.
Here is the filter/dryer along with the respective pipe. This is the pipe that "feeds" the evaporator with refrigerant (high pressure, liquid form).
This is the part of the hose that bolts to the compressor port. Use new O-ring lubricated with refrigerant oil.
Attach it to the compressor "S" port.
Lets now move on to the wiring harness.
This is the main harness.
Relay brackets on the left side of LHD Alfa 33.
Relay holders installed.
Attach the fast idle and Trinary valve connectors.
Attach positive current supply (+30 terminal) on the terminal box.
Restore covers.
Plug the connectors to their respective match. There is no way to mix them since each one makes a unique pair.
The first round of installation is complete.
Let's now move to the passenger compartment to connect the control panel. Here is an important note: The connectors shown although being original from the factory, don't match. The colors (yellow and red) match between the two harnesses but the connectors don't; all you have to do is eliminate them and use a new 2-spade connector; the black cable (earth) that remains will be left unused since we will use the one that the harness supplies as shown.
Install earth.
Let's now go to the second round of the installation dealing with the condensers.