Regular Servicing

This is the gearbox oil sump drain plug (12 mm Allen key)
Place a plastic container under the drain plug. Allow about 10 minutes for oil to drain and restore the drain plug (including a new copper washer).
This is the transmission oil filler plug located on the rear right side of the gearbox case.
Use a 12 mm Allen key to undo the filler plug.
A funnel attached to a transparent hose is required, so that gearbox oil is visible.
Place the hose end inside the transmission oil filler plug as far as it goes.
Pour gearbox oil slowly and carefully. Gear oil is thick and we rely on gravity to slowly drive it through the hose.
Gear oil smells awfully and can badly stain the surface it drops to; for this reason pour small quantities as an eye must always be kept to the hose.
Gearbox oil slowly finds its way to the gearbox. Oil will start seeping out of the filler plug when about 1.6 Lt are filled in.
Stop supplying oil and restore the drain plug.
Last but not least is the fuel filter. It is located in the left side of the engine bay just below the steering rack hidden by a black plastic cover.
This is the fuel filter cover. Shown are the two metal springs which affix the cover to the filter.
Fuel filter just below the steering rack.
Fuel filter inlet union.
Fuel filter outlet union. A 17 mm and 19mm wrench is needed to undo the union.
It is more convenient and practical to remove the fuel filter bracket complete with the fuel filter. Access to the locking screw is difficult so better remove the complete assembly.
Two nuts hold the bracket to the chassis.
 Filter is out of the car along with the inlet fuel rubber hose.
Undo the fuel inlet union using 19 mm and 22 mm wrenches.
Transfer the rubber band to the new filter.
Slide in the new fuel filter to the bracket and the securing nut.
Install the new copper washers included with the new fuel filter.
It is important for the fuel inlet union to be parallel to the bracket mounting ears so that the fuel hose doesn't foul on the firewall and brake lines.
Install the fuel filter bracket to the chassis and tighten the securing nuts.
Attach the nylon fuel line to the fuel hose and tighten the respective clamp.
Install the outlet union using the second pair of copper washers included with the fuel filter packaging.
Restore the fuel filter plastic cover making sure the clips are properly seated on the fuel filter body.