Alternator Repair

When polishing has reached this state use very fine sandpaper to make the slip rings absolutely smooth.
Press in the bearing (SKF 6201).
Use a  socket having the exact size of the bearing inner ring. Place the socket on top and steadily tap with the hammer in order to push the bearing all the way in. Make sure that the bearing is horizontal.
Do not tap the bearing on the external surface as it will ruin the internals.
Replace the regulator brushes. Place the regulator in the vice and with a metal saw, cut the ends of the brushes and then unsolder the braided lead.
A close-up of the brush end cut.
Detailed view.
Install the new brush along with the retaining spring and solder the braided lead to the body of the regulator.
Both brushes have been replaced and the braided lead ends cut out. Proceed assembling the alternator.
The alternator rear case painted with high temperature paint.
Alternator fan and pulley also painted in high temperature paint.
Install the front bearing (SKF 6203). No need to press it in but just let it sit.
Install the support plate and fully tighten the screws.
This is the rectifier bridge and winding with the visible portion painted in red.
Assembly is about to begin.
Affix the rectifier bridge to the case.
Slide in the rotor to the case.
Install front cover and tap the washer in place using a socket. Bolt in the four long screws that keep the cases and rectifier bridge together.
Install washer.
Large washer on top.
Then goes the cooling fan.
Pulley half.
Second pulley half to form the complete pulley.
Locking nut.