Door Hinges Replacement

Rear Right Door

The steps involved do not differ from the left side procedure so more or less they will be repeated.
Wrap the B-pillar with the front & rear door window frame. A rope or a bungee cord us more than enough.
This is the upper hinge. This hinge is not compatible for use with any other side door.
This is the lower hinge which is interchangeable with the front door lower hinge.
Undo the upper hinge bolts.
All bolts are removed and use a knife to break the seam sealer.
Be sure to remove any traces of seam sealer and glue residues.
Nice and clean.
Do the same for the lower hinge.
Transfer the spacers to the new hinges.
Apply the spacers and seam sealer on the side visible from the interior of the passenger compartment.
Install the hinge and tighten all bolts.
Apply seam sealer around the hinge. 
Install the lower hinge complete with spacer apply seam sealer and fully tighten the bolts.
Both hinges are now in place and the position of the door remains unchanged.
Let seam sealer dry for 24 hours and mask the surrounding area.
Mask the lower hinge. Be sure to mask everywhere as paint may create overspray.
Apply the first layer of Rosso 130 paint.
Apply second layer of Rosso 130 paint on the upper hinge. 
Do the same for the lower hinge. Since the paint application is just to cover the seam sealer one can apply them with an hour difference. 
Remove masking tape and paper sheet carefully.
Remove masking tape and paper sheets from the lower hinge.
Final result.
These are door lower seals found on the bottom of the rear doors. These seals usually crack on the plastic stripe and fall apart.