Door Hinges Replacement

Front Right Door

Remove the wiring connectors and mask the spade connectors to avoid short-circuit.
Mask the wing edge to avoid damage to the paint.
Undo the hinge bolts. Start from the upper hinge.
Then remove the lower hinge bolts.
The hinges can now be pulled away.
New hinges with the spacers installed. 
Install the upper hinge complete with seam sealer and hand tighten the bolts. We need to have flexibility so that the door is correctly positioned. The door gaps are the point of reference to correctly position the door.
Do the same for the lower hinge. Seam sealer is important to use so that water doesn't leak inside the boxed sections.
Install the door. This is a trial fitting to check for the gaps and adjust the hinges. Since the hinges are hand tight adjustment is possible by moving the door upwards/downwards maintaining the desired position.
Fully tighten the bolts securing the upper hinge to the door.
Fully tighten the bolts securing the lower hinge to the door.
Once the correct position is achieved, fully extend the door in order to tighten the hinge bolts on the A-Pillar. Access to the bolts is not easy (theoretically door alignment is done with the front wings off); the best approach is to remove the door again in order to access the bolts directly. 
The door is out and the A-pillar ready to have a quick spray of paint. Be sure to mask the surroundings.
Paint has been applied; let it dry for an hour or so before removing the masking.
Install the door (again) for the final time and fully tighten the bolts securing the hinges to the door. 
Install the door check along with the pin securing the strap to the A-pillar.
Restore the door card, armrest and mirror trim.
In case there are areas left unpainted, touch up with a small brush to make it perfect.
Close-up of the upper hinge and the detailing done. Areas not hidden must be detailed. 
Close-up of the lower hinge and the detailing done. Areas not hidden must be detailed. 
That's the final result. 
Note the gaps and the alignment compared to the rest of the vehicle.