Door Hinges Replacement

Front Right Door

Apply two layers of primer.
Allow 24 hours between each layer so that the final paint dries.
Lets now dismantle the door card. Remove the handle horizontal cover.
Remove the blanking plug to expose the screw securing the armrest to the door.
Undo the three screws securing the armrest to the door card. The two screws secure the armrest to the door card whereas the smaller screw secures the handle slant cover to the armrest.
Remove the slant cover.
Undo the final two screws securing the armrest to the door card. Also unplug the power windows switch connector.
Remove the door mirror decorative triangle.
Remove the door check pin by tapping it from the bottom.
Pin is out and the door check is free. A new door check will be installed as this one is worn.
Remove the decorative foam.
These are the two screws securing the door check to the door.
That's the old door check.
That's the new one properly greased.
Remove the wiring. These are the electromagnetic locks connectors.
That's the power windows wiring and connectors.
Proceed removing the hinge bolts. Start from the upper hinge lower bolt.
Continue to the lower hinge upper bolt. Ask your assistant to hold the door and then undo the remaining bolts.
Door is out.
Hinges shown.
Put the door aside being careful to protect the bottom.
Tidy up the wiring.
Remove the existing wiring canal (optionally).
Install a new wiring canal. Usually these canals break on the locking notch.