Who We Are

Alfa Restoration website initially started as a fun project between Alfa Romeo 33 owners and enthusiasts. The center of this collaboration has been the Alfa Pages Board which already counts 20 years of presence specializing on Alfa 33 models.

In the beginning, Alfa Restoration Website hosted very simple and easy to do projects on the Alfa 33 but slowly over the years, the website has been updated with complicated and more in-depth projects which will surely help every Alfa 33 owner around the world.

Since spare parts availability for Alfa 33 models (and other Alfa models too) has already become harder and harder, this posed a burden to Alfa owners around the world. Our passion and love for Alfas (older but also newer ones) has given us the incentive to source brand new old stocks parts and make them available to owners around the world via our Online Shop.

Since 2014 our Online Shop features NOS parts along with new production Alfa Romeo parts. The Web Shop is constantly updated with new parts coming in which is a process of continuous and tedious work. New old stock spare parts are usually sitting on the shelves for ages, should be properly inspected and prepared, photo documented and uploaded to the Online Shop complete with detailed description and information on part numbers.

Be sure to regularly check our Web Shop for new parts and Special Offers; in case a spare part is not listed feel free to contact us and we will do our best to source it.

Kind regards

Thanassis Gritsopoulos.