Welcome to alfa-restoration.co.uk!

Welcome to the freshly designed website of alfa-restoration.co.uk !

Started as a space to host simple and sometimes odd projects to the cars that we have loved but soon it has quietly become one of the most popular Alfa Romeo 33 web sites on the Internet!

Here you will find useful information restoring Alfa 33 models but also more than 2.000 spare parts to choose from our Online Shop. Our shop is constantly updated with new parts aimed to help not only the older models bit also the newer ones which are already becoming classics!

About Us

A Brief Flashback

Alfa Restoration dates back in 2002 when it started hosting articles about repairs on the Alfa 33 modes. Due to the high interest of Alfa 33 owners around the world, Alfa Restoration has now been offering hard-to-find spare parts for Alfa 33 models but also for other Alfa models which are already hard to find.

Become a contributor

Having done a DIY repair on your Alfa? Want to share it? Please feel free to contact us and we will upload your article so that the whole world gains more and more knowledge!